How to Recruit to ICARE?

Interested in recruiting patients to ICARE? After receiving your patient’s permission, recruitment can be facilitated in multiple ways:


  1. Your patient may fill out a participant contact form requesting a member of the study team to contact them.
  2. Email your patient’s contact information to the study team ( via secure data transfer. Please include the patient’s name, gender, DOB, mailing address, phone number and/or email address, and preferred method of contact.
  3. Provide your patient with an online enrollment card directing them to our website where they may enroll into ICARE directly online. onlineenrollmentcard_front
  4. Have your patient fill out a prepaid provider postcard and drop it in the mail. Response_Card

If your institution needs additional recruitment materials, please fill out a materials request form.

If you have questions regarding recruitment and would like a member of the study team to contact you, please fill out a provider contact form.