ICARE Newsletter Spring 2024

Aerobic Exercise May Reduce Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Patients with Lynch Syndrome

A new research study among individuals with Lynch Syndrome reported that regular and intense aerobic exercise may lower the risk of colorectal cancer by improving the immune system’s ability to detect and remove potentially harmful cells. Specifically, the researchers enrolled 21 patients with Lynch Syndrome either to an 1) exercise group (45 minute cycling classes three times per week) or 2) usual care group (a one-time exercise counseling session). Biomarkers measured in both groups showed that the exercise group had reduced levels of inflammatory markers in their colon and blood, compared to the usual care group. These data suggest that exercise may be a strategy to intercept cancers in those with Lynch Syndrome, and for the first time, show the possible biological effects of exercise on the immune system of the colon in patients at risk for colon cancer. Therefore, this study suggests regular, intense aerobic exercise may lower colorectal cancer risk in Lynch Syndrome patients, although additional studies with larger samples are needed to confirm and expand upon these findings.are

Deng, et al. Clin Cancer Res. 2023;29(21):4361-4372. PMID:37724990. Social media post Nov 15th, 2023. Available at https://tinyurl.com/post111523.

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