ICARE Newsletter Winter 2021

Community Spotlight

My genes don’t define me. I am AliveAndKickn. Pretty bold statement. AliveAndKickn is more than just a name. It’s a way of life. I joke that Lynch Syndrome is the genetic predisposition to colon cancer, endometrial cancer, other cancers…and soccer. But that’s just me. Besides half a dozen surgeries since 1997, I have and still play and coach the game I love. You may find your own game, or hobby, or solace in something that can help you in your day. Lynch Syndrome, other hereditary cancers, even other disorders are difficult to absorb and overcome. Having your first colon cancer at 29 is not easy. Surviving (thus far) to a point where your oldest son who has inherited your mutation is 25 is also stressful. The fact that my father, grandfather, and brother have all lived long fruitful lives post-cancers is comforting to both me and my family. Knowledge is power. By knowing you have Lynch, you can stay ahead of your cancer.  

As co-founder of AliveAndKickn, I’ve had the good fortune of being able to share our message with a number of outlets, including the Forbes Healthcare Summit and the Biden Cancer Initiative, and more. AliveAndKickn has co-signed on a number of grant applications for studies, and has had posters at ASCO, NSGC, CGA and other professional conferences. AliveAndKickn is here for you. We are looking to make a difference for you and others, both current and future with hereditary cancer. Part of that is helping navigate the system, offer insights into options, share a smile, look for research trials, but most importantly, aggregate pertinent data to research potential cures. ​Genetics is taking huge strides almost every day. Precision medicine, immunotherapy and gene sequencing are the future. We thank you for being a part of our lives. I’m humbled to be part of yours.  Be resilient. Be AliveAndKickn! 

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