ICARE Newsletter Spring 2023

Melanoma Risk in Li-Fraumeni Syndrome

A recently published cohort study of 483 individuals with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome (LFS) identified 113 skin cancers. The cumulative incidence of a diagnosis of any skin cancer was 36.3% by the age of 70. Specifically for melanoma, the median age at diagnosis was 42 with a 7-fold increased incidence (SIR 7.28, 95% CI 4.50-11.13) compared with the general population and a risk to age 70 of almost 15% (Figure 1). The incidence of other types of skin cancer (i.e., squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma) were similar to those in the general population.
Figure 1: Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Melanoma Risk by Age

Currently, there is an international study being conducted to learn more about LFS, called the LiftUp Study – to learn more or participate in these efforts directly, visit https://liftupstudy.org.

Hatton et al. J Invest Dermatol. 2022;142(9):2534-2537. PMID: 35183552. Social media post March 3rd, 2023. Available at: https://tinyurl.com/post332023.

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