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CDKN2A Mutations: Pancreatic Cancer Screening over 20 years of follow up

A study among CDKN2A carriers assessing the yield and outcomes of 20 years of pancreatic cancer screening found:

  • Of 347 CDKN2A carriers, 36 pancreatic cancers were diagnosed in 31 patients
  • Of the 36 cancers, 30 were considered resectable at time of screening
  • 1/3 of cases were diagnosed at Stage 1
  • Risk was 20.7% by age 70

These results highlight the potential importance of pancreatic cancer screening among CDKN2A carriers. Currently, NCCN guidelines recommend annual pancreatic cancer screening starting at age 40, regardless of family history.

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Reference: Klatte, et al. J Clin Oncol 2022;40(28):3267-3277. PMID: 35658523.

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