ICARE Social Media Post July 2020

Individuals with a First-Degree Relative with Blood Cancer Are at Increased Risk for Blood-Related Cancer

Individuals with a first-degree relative (for example, parent, sibling, or child) with blood cancer, such as lymphoma, have a higher chance of being diagnosed with blood-related cancer (i.e., hematologic malignancy), according to a recent study.

The risk to develop certain blood cancers depends on how closely related the relative is (e.g., higher risks for first-degree relatives – meaning parents, children, or siblings), the age at diagnosis of the blood cancer, and the total number of close (first-degree) relatives affected with that blood cancer. The highest risks were seen for certain Hodgkin lymphoma subtypes, lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma, and mantle cell lymphoma.

Check out the article at: https://ashpublications.org/blood/article/134/12/960/374916/Analysis-of-153-115-patients-with-hematological

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