ICARE Newsletter Spring 2023
Breast Cancer Treatment Updates

Findings from a Phase II study to evaluate the use of talazoparib (a PARP inhibitor) in individuals with advanced PALB2-mutation breast cancer showed that it appeared effective in certain patients and appeared safe (with similar adverse events as those previously reported with this drug).1

There are several Phase II trials to evaluate PARP inhibitors in PALB2 carriers (as well as BRCA1 and BRCA2 carriers) with breast cancer at Vanderbilt and other locations across the country as outlined below:

1) Niraparib with Dostarlimab Therapy as Neoadjuvant Treatment for Patients with BRCA-Mutated Breast Cancer (NCT04584255). Additional details available at: https://vanderbilt.trialstoday.org/trial/NCT04584255
› Brief Eligibility Criteria: Documented germline PALB2, BRCA1, or BRCA2 mutation; stage 1 to 3 invasive breast cancer ≥ 1.5 cm in size; HER2 negative tumor; inflammatory breast cancer not eligible

2) Niraparib in the Treatment of Patients with Advanced PALB2-Mutated Tumors (NCT05169437). Additional details available at: https://vanderbilt.trialstoday.org/trial/NCT05169437
› Brief Eligibility Criteria: Documented tumor PALB2 mutation; locally advanced or metastatic tumors

1Gruber et al. Nat Cancer. 2022;3(10):1181-1191. PMID: 36253484. Social media post March 27th, 2023. Available at https://tinyurl.com/post3272023.

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