ICARE Newsletter Spring 2023
Lynch Syndrome: Colorectal Cancer Risks Revisited

While there are higher cancer risks in BRCA mutation carriers starting in the mid-20s, a recent study focused on studying cancer risks in older females aged 50-75. Of the over 2000 females in the study, which included ICARE participants, 379 cancers were found between age 50 to 75 with risks of 49% in BRCA1 carriers and 43% in BRCA2 carriers. The most common cancers were breast (n=186) and ovarian (n=45) cancer. In those with risk-reducing surgery for both breasts and ovaries, the risk was 9%. This study shows that older female BRCA carriers still have high cancer risks and should be counseled appropriately.

Metcalfe et al. Cancer. 2022;129(60:901-907. PMID: 36571512.

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